Why doesn't he text me back?

So its this guy that I go to college with, were on break so he went back home up north. Before he left I approached him on Facebook and everything started from there. I gave him my number because I was going over to meet him before he left. So at first id have to him first now sometimes he'll text me first but in the middle of every convo he'll stop texting me. I even resend it just incase and still nothing. Sometimes he'll say I was busy after a while or someting. I really like this guy and he agree to hang out with me when he gets back. I try to iniate that we talk via Skype or phone and he'll either be tired and say another day or if he's able to (which seems like never!) Should I just wait till he comes back to really talk to him? I don't wanna sound stupid if I be like "Why in the middle of every convo youu never text back? I really hate that." Any advice?


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  • If I were you I'd stop texting, calling, skyping, asking him to Skype, asking him to meet up, ... Maybe he feels a bit pushed into it since you're asking it quite often. I wouldn't even send the last text twice, if they don't answer, fine, then don't answer.

    I'd leave it up to him to initiate contact now and asking to meet up, because if he feels pushed into it, he can have some space :)

  • some guys just really suck at communicating. doesn't mean they like you less. they just suck at it. and you can nag and say you hate when they do the things they do, but they won't change.

    and I guess he just isn't very chatty.

    i think the best advice for you is to just bite the bullet and get used to it. keep initiating conversations with him, even if you only end up with half a conversation. keep showing interest. I dislike when people say "if he really likes you, he'll do anything to be with you". all guys aren't like that. you should remember that...but don't delude yourself into thinking a guy likes you when he in fact doesn't like you and his distance/disinterest shows that. I know...its confusing.

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