Did I Ruin A Relationship that Just Started?

I've known my boyfriend for only about a month. When I first met him I felt something there, but I met him through a guy I was trying to get over and we only made a few comments back and forth. Later, the guy who introduced us told me that my boyfriend liked me, so I took some initiative (he added me on Facebook) and decided to message him. We ended up texting, then found out we were only a few min away from each other so our group of friends met up. We had a good night and the next day he told me he liked me, but I had just had a falling out with the guy I liked previously. I told him honestly that I was trying to get over the first, and it wouldn't be fair to him. He thanked me and said it meant a lot for a girl to be upfront. I told him to be patient and he said I was worth waiting for. We hung out again, and at that point my feelings got the best of me and we ended up kissing for most of the night. The next night, we hung out with his friend and he seemed kind of curious/hurt that I wasn't showing affection in front of him. When his friend left I explained that I didn't like PDA in front of guys friends, especially when I'm not dating them. We ended up kissing and snuggling again and he asked if I wanted to "make it official". I said no, just because I felt a great connection with him, but wanted to know him better to make sure we would work out. He agreed. A few days later I realized that dating someone leads to knowing them better and he asked me out again. We're together now, but last night things got a little more heated up than usual (no sex) and he told me he loved me. He said it another time after. When we woke up (he spent the night after a long night of us hanging out with his friends and working on his car) he seemed a little distant. And I realized we said I love you too fast. When I told him after he left, he agreed and I told him we should slow it down and that I felt bad for rushing everything. My question is, did I kill our chances of a good relationship by rushing and now saying we should slow down? Or am I blowing this way out of proportion?


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  • Blowing it out of proportion. Sometimes that word just slips out before it has real meaning behind it.


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