I don't know what to do next...what should I do?

Ok, so this guy and I talked for a while, we started to get into one another, my father passed away and the guy is there for me, then the guy himself almost dies, was in a bad wreck and after I wen't to see him in the hospital I stand by his side and realize that I care a lot for him, I had almost lost him. I didn't tell him I loved him at the time, but he knew I cared and after that day when he got out of the hospital, we talked for a week then he dropped off the face of the earth. He had started working with a friend of mine, he would not talk about me when the friend brought up my name. I had a book he had gave me to read, I sent it with the friend to give it back and the guy I love sent me the two other books in the series to read but no messages...nothing. Its been 3 months. Last I saw him he was laying in a hospital bed. All of a sudden one of our mutual friends calls me, telling me that the guy still cared for me, he just had 'things' he needed to deal with first and that if I still cared for him he wanted to pick up where we left off... What do I do? Its been so long sense he even cared to speak to me, I had needed him when I was falling apart and he wasn't there...it seemed like his problems meant more to him than I did...what am I supposed to do? I love him, I can't just pretend that I don't, but I don't event think he cares as much as he is saying or he would have been there for me, right?


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  • I must not be reading your story right. I thought he WAS there for you when your dad died. What was the other problem you are referring to then that he wasn't there for you?

    • When my father died, he was at the funeral and such but shortly after that he got into a bad wreck and a in a week he was out of the hospital and after that , he just fell off the face of the earth.

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    • Not wrong - maybe slightly self-centered. What I mean by it, do you know for a fact that he did not have worse things to deal with than what you had, during that same time. Like medical bills.

    • Well, I just wanted him to be there with me, medical bills could be paid, and that didn't mean he had to drop off the face of the earth only a month after my father passed.

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  • IF you "love" him give him a second chance, but let him know that you were hurt *put everything on the table" before a relationship starts if you both go down that road.

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