Was I a little to forward with her?

Well, there is this girl I work with. She has said a few things about me.. I heard through the grapevine that she thinks I'm really cute. I work security at our workplace and she told someone that I looked really good in my uniform. Well, I am also very attracted to her. I had only really talked to her a few times but I've seen her looking and smiling at me. So I basically went in for the kill, I sparked up some conversation, complimented her on her pretty red hair ;) and basically directly said, "I want to take you out to dinner" she turned very red and her smile got even bigger. She didn't really know how to react. She said "well that was forward", but not in a way that I offended her or anything. The problem was that there were a lot of customers happened to come up to her during the whole thing. She asked what time I get off and to come see her then. So I did and she gave me her number, which also turned a little awkward because one of our co workers walked in right during the exchange lol. I feel pretty confident at least a move was made on my part.. I probably won't call or text her again until I can see her in person at work one more time tho. So what do you think? any suggestions on how to go about it next?


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  • wow very brave I like it! I think you did great! I mean you knew she's attracted to you so why not go for it? good luck!


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  • Congrats sir, he who dares, wins.

    It's important to remember that when people come by, customers or whatever, it's utterly irrelevant to your goal. You did well by ignoring them, and focusing on her.

    I know you want to wait until you see her one more time, but that has the potential to backfire.

    For the date - plan something nice, but not too overboard. You're taking her to dinner, not trying to confess your undying love or make a marriage proposal. Don't go overboard. You already know you like her, the dinner is a chance for you guys to see if you have a good time together.