I'm happy but I wonder if he serious about me?

I'm lucky I'm moving on with my ex boyfriend and I found a nice guy who make me happy...

i am confuse to what I feel.

our first date he wait me outside to the office and listen to live band we are very comfortable to talk and very happy so we spend time until midnight and he ask me if I could sleep with his condo but I should not worry because he will not do bad about me.

i feel comfortable to him and I like him so I go with him on the first night,.

but we did not kiss only hug and that's all.

what I like is.. he is very gentleman..

on a second date..

we go to swimming kisses and hug..

and on the third date..

we watched the boxing of pacquiao and bradley lol.. after that we go back to condo... I said I trust him so we do sex.

but I feel guilt after...

but he assure me nothing change he still like me after that and he said he want to get to know me more..

he like me so much period.

but I want to have satble relationship. I told him I will not meet other guy and I will close my dating profile,

he just reply.

I'm happy with you too.

you're my little girl, my baby..

and he treat me like a princess also...

I'm happy but I wonder if he serious about me?

give me advice



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  • you're past that point, you gave it up too soon. That's like asking for car insurance after you got in a car accident.

    • The game lasted 3 dates. tfrost1980 is right. The passion will die soon.

  • topic writer where are you from? from your English and you spelled pacquiao correctly, I'm guessing you're filipino. Am I right?


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  • Follow your gut feeling. If you trust him then give him a chance. I really think about giving sex early or late it depends on the person. Some guys are douche and other guys do really like that person. Fast or early doesn't matter when it comes to sex just matter is if he stay with you

  • To me it seems like he's using you. He's telling you nice things and all that but if you feel guilty then there's probably something wrong. Because your feelings are most likely the true ones and the ones you should listen to.

    My ex-boyfriend told me he loved me and everything. He was really cute. But he also treated me like sh*t and made me feel guilty ybout everything and the best thing I could have done was breaking up with him but I didn't and I regret it now.