Question for the guys: If a girl you didn't know came up to you and said?

I think your cute or good looking, would you be in shock? or would you be like what a sick cruel joke? I often wonder how many women actually tell a guy he's cute or good looking just to spare his feelings? We all know women can spot a lie a mile away just harder for guy to know, which women are being truthful and which are lying.


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  • id be surprised and flattered if he seemed honest

    • But the real truth is girls only approach good looking a holes with money. That's the real truth. :(

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    • Sorry but all women love jerks and money some just, hide it better. I guess I'm really am fat and ugly to get a date.

    • i don't know what makes you think your such an expert on women if you never get dates, but we aren't all gold diggers, in fact id rather be the sugar mama in a relationship, I plan on getting rich by working my ass o,f not by getting with a rich man, I want my money to be MINE and not owe anyone anything for it

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  • Some women would be honest if you know them or long enough. If it's someone random it could just be a joke. For me I'd rather trust the girl I've known for a while than a random stranger who came up to me.

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