Do you think that a relationship and dating equal the same thing?

If a guy wants to date you do you think that he wants to be in a relationship with you or can he just want sex even if he suggests dating. I'm confused. I always thought that when you start dating you want to at least become more after a time...I've heard some people loosely throwing around the term "dating" though to refer to f*ck buddies as well though...someone clarify?


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  • I wouldn't use the term dating to refer my f++k buddy because we're not dating just sharing body. I will the term dating if I'm in the relationship with that it.

    • So if a guy says that you 2 are dating do you automatically think that you are in a relationship or forming one?

    • Most of the guys wouldn't use the term dating if they are not sure about you. They would say the girl I'm seeing if not exclusive yet.