Why would a girl insist on sleeping in a guy's bed?

Something I've noticed quite frequently and wonder if there is something more behind it is, so many women I know at one point or another have slept in the same bed as some other male friend, and no, not her boyfriend. I'm not talking about sex, just simple sleeping next to each other.

I have two friends for instance. Probably my best male and female friends. The three of us are all pretty close and my buddy and I pretty much treat her like our little sister. But what I find odd is many times when we have late night after parties at his house, this girl will almost always end up crashing there and sometimes sleeps in my buddies bed with him.

A few times, he's walked upstairs to find her in his bed and asks what she is doing, while reminding her there is a guest bedroom, but she insists on staying in his bed because its comfier. This friend of mine also has a girlfriend and isn't romantically interested in our female friend, which why he doesn't want her sleeping in his bed. Plus I think he just finds it a bit strange and awkward.

This just isn't the first time I've witness such behavior, but it still has be baffled. IS there anything behind this behavior, does this female friend of mine, like my male friend and as a result is always try to sleep in his bed, or is it a comfort thing, where she rather just not sleep alone?


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  • it's all good unless he has a girlfriend then HE needs to step up and say "too damn bad sleep in another bed I only sleep with so and so" I find it weirder he's letting her than that she wants to

    • He knows that, but I think he just doesn't have the heart to basically drag her out of the room. He just decides not to fight with her about it and just goes to bed. He's admitted to me he finds it awkward and a bit risky.

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    • True, I think she's just used to it as well because she's done it a few times in the past before he was dating his current girlfriend.

    • he has to set boundries if his relationship means anything to him. She's a selfish b for putting him in that position I can tell you that much but he's ALLOWING it so she's still doing it.

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  • She either likes him and wouldn't mind him making a move or he's so far in the friend zone that she knows nothing will happen if she sleeps in the same bed as him. Most likely the latter

    • I figured that was just it, he's super far in the friend zone and a safe person since he has a girlfriend. After all, they're has never really been any flirting or romantic interest in the past between the two of them. However, what makes the entire thing odd, this girl recently asked my buddy why they haven't dated, which is the same thing I ashed her 2 weeks prior. She's also all of a sudden flirting up a storm with him. All of this new in the last couple weeks.