He texts me everyday, except the day we could have hung out, why?

I work with a guy I really like, but we are on totally different shifts. He saw me at work, and text me a few days later randomly after a few months of us not talking. ( I knew him from when we were on the same shift and he knew I had interest but he had a girlfriend, so I stopped texting him ) He asked if I still liked him, because he is single now, and told me he always had an interest me and that it sucked we stopped talking because he really enjoyed it. He asked me if I wanted to hang out so he came over and we went for ice cream and talked for a few hours and it was really nice, he text me right after and said he had a lot of fun and really wants to hang out again. He's been texting me every day for the last 2 weeks, and when I don't see him at work he will send me a sad face, so we finally had a day that we could both hang out, he knew we both had the day off, I thought he would have asked me to hang out that day, but not only did he not ask, he didn't text me at all! I text him "hi" and that was it all day. I feel stupid for expecting anything, but he seems so interested, and he's a really nice guy. He was in a relationship for 3 years ( long distance ) and that recently completely ended, he also golf's A LOT, he does tournaments and goes on vacations for tournaments. I'm just wondering am I over thinking this and what should I do not to rush this because I really like him?


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  • Maybe he was nervous or scared to meet up wiht you.