Name 5 things to chat about?

What is the most interesting chat to have with a women?


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  • 1. Sex

    2. Relationships

    3. Sex

    4. Sex

    5. Sex

    Women always have an opinion about sex and relationships and its a common interest we all share. Not to mention that a guy who can talk to women about sex often gets more of it. I haven't quite figured out why this is but perhaps because it gives off the vibe your capable. I don't really know...

    • The down votes are most likely from girls that think I mean for you to talk about something dirty or demeaning. That's not the case. And this is in fact a very good topic. Women tend to be very opinionated and love to feel like they can contribute to a mans understanding of the world. You choosing the topic of sex and relationships helps her associate you in just a way that keep doors open.

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  • In my case I would like to chat about:

    1. Work

    2. Things we like

    3. Family

    4. Feelings

    5. Dreams / Goals


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