Is it a date or just hanging out?

So I've known this really great guy for around 3 weeks now.

We've been texting ever since we first met and last week I mentioned if he was interested in going to an amusement park with me. He loves rides so it was the perfect opportunity to see him again :)

Anyway, he said he could come and we we're going over all the details before hand and he offered to drive me home after if I wanted him too. We would be spending the whole day together and it would be just the two of us.

I never actually said either "a date" or "hanging out" so its kinda left wide open.

I'm just curious, I've really started to see him as a potential boyfriend but I don't want to say the same for him just encase I'm wrong aha


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  • i think dating is just as random as a monkey playing this sounds like my story but I'm not the guy but I'm in the same spot and I'm 23 never had a girlfriend just a lot of one night flings. me and this girl been texting and hanging about the same time 3 weeks. but I don't know whether to start calling her pet names or what? I say one event in particular will decide whether your a couple or not kinda like in the movies. but I'm just winging it. just to ease the stress you should too:)

    • We have pet names for each other lol

      Thanks, it just occurred to me that I might of asked him out and was curious if he might see it as a date as well, as I've gotten enough people around me saying it is a date ha ha

    • im in the same boat. cause I'm to myself alot. but we hang as a group and everyone knows we like each other so they keep setting me

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  • I would look at it as a date seeing how it was just the two of you.