How do I take things further with my girlfriend?

So...I am an extremely inexperienced guy at 24 dating what I gather to be a fairly experienced girl who is 21. Last night I think she finally got frustrated with me for not making any major moves and she just went at me for a full on make out session while we were sitting on the couch... This went on for at least a couple hours with a lot of kissing, tongue, and feeling up... eventually I went for the bra area and we retired to my bed where I took off her bra and we continued. Going as far as what I believe is known as dry she was thrusting around with her pelvic area and I responded.

The thing is... neither of us moved our fingers in the direction of the shorts/underwear area. I definitely wasn't planning on having sex or anything but... as I was wearing baggy shorts I really couldn't feel much of anything down there. Meanwhile she seemed to be breathing heavily and moaning and enjoying herself immensely in her extremely short shorts.

Do you think it would have been normal in my position to have switched over to boxers or to remove her shorts? How do I know if she wants me to touch her down there? Moving in slow on her breasts wasn't too bad as she could just grab my hand and pull away...but if I suddenly drop my shorts...that seems a bit different...and makes it look like I want straight sex...which I don't...well I do but...I'd be perfectly OK with the whole dry humping thing for the time being. However, I there some other pant/shorts clothing I can wear that offer me a little more...feeling?


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  • I think she definitely wanted sex. Girls want to feel wanted...and they want the guy to initiate sexual stuff. Always try for it. If she rejects it then nothings lost and even when I have rejected a guys advances for sex...even though I may have not wanted it at the time...I was always REALLLY flattered that he wanted me and I was happy. Obviously you shouldn't push her into anything on the first date, but you all are obviously at the point to heat things up. It's going to be your responsibility to do so.


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