How do I convince her that I am what she wants?

She has not been with him for about a year but he only moved out about 3 months ago. He took care of her son since he was a baby she's 4 years older than him. They now have a 3 year old daughter. He admitted to cheating on her but hasn't told her he doesn't want to be with her and when she asked before I came into the picture he replied not right now. We just started talking recently but she is telling her friends about me showing my Facebook pics off. She even told him about me.Yes I understand probably to see how he would react she said he didn't seem to care. Yet everything she says she was to him is what I want. She is still holding on to the he might come back. I'm running out of options here I have told her how its happened to me with my kids mom and she has asked do you ever get over the thought of the cheating I told her no.If mine would be running late or something even when things seemed great I would think the worst. She is stuck on that what if he comes back. Which I explained I had done several times also but then felt no good about myself because I was 2nd choice. I don't know what to do it hurts that she just won't give in to whatever is telling her to show me off and talk about me


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  • You can't convince a girl that you are what she wants... I know she is what you want but just deal with it


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