I want to make things work, but I feel as though he doesn't?

How should I go about the situation where I'm in a one month relationship and I have slept with him (and I don't sleep with guys unless I've been in a longer relationship, so it's a very important detail), and I want to make things work, but I feel as though he doesn't. At other times I truly believe he cares but it's just a roller coaster. And me being the true female I am, I need emotional support every so often which I don't get from him because he has told me "I may not care that you are in a bad mood, but it doesn't mean that I don't love you." Plus we both work a lot so there is not much time left over to see each other unless I get the day off (which is once a week.)

But wait, things are worse. There is another guy now. He's very interested in me, and I am interested in him. He obviously doesn't want anything serious (he can't even have something serious seeing as he travels a lot because of soccer). I am very attracted to him and it's all I can do to resist. But I will never give in to temptation, because even though my boyfriend is being an ass, I still want to make things work. Plus, I don't do flings "just for the hell of it."


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  • I find guys usually take a little bit longer to give in to commitment. If you feel that you have strong feelings for him, which is what it sounds like, don't give up. You would hate to look back on it in the future and think that he's the guy you lost.

    I'm sure he'll come around eventually, as it takes a lot for most guys to say anything even close to 'love you' in any context.