Did he have a good time?

okay so I went on this date with this guy out to dinner. He was a real respectful guy and held the door open for me and paid for my dinner. He seemed to have a good time on the date. Then after dinner he took me home and I said thank you. He then said you're welcome and said that he would text me. So he texted me 10 min later and asked if I had a good time. I said yes thank you hbu? he said yes he did. but he didn't seem enthusiastic about it. then he was like "i hate long car rides home". and I said "lol I bet!". then all he said was "lol". did he not have a good time or not like me? he is usually all smiley faced in his text and all. it kinda feels like he's being standoffish. so I didn't even text back after that. should I just move on.


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  • Was this a first date?

    In any event I would just give him about 2-3 days and see if he asks you out again. If he does then obviously he either had a good time or at least wants to try again.

    If he doesn't call...then you know...and you should move on...

    If I go out with someone on my first date and I know it isn't going to work...I usually do try to make the best of the situation and act like I enjoyed it during the date...then I just don't call them back...

    If I enjoyed the first date...I will def call within the next two days. Earlier even if I get that wonderful text or call from a girl that says they had a good time.

    • okayy I guess I will wait and see what he does. I just expected him to text me and say that he had an awsome time with me and that he wants to see me again and he didn't do that. so I just get nervous. he did just text me again after the last text that I didn't text him back to and he was like "well I'm home now and going to bed. goodnight and sweet dreams and text me tomorrow". does he just want me to text him tomorrow because he's not really into me? wouldn't he just text me himself if he was into me

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  • Im not really sure, most guys (if not all) are confusing :\… But anyways I personally think you shouldve texted him a smiley face to see what he would text back. But you shouldn't move on just for that, he could of been tired or I don't know :\.

    But you shouldn't worry yet, we as girls overanalyze this kind of stuff a lot . Just wait till he texts you again, or if you want you text him 1st :)

    • thankyou! yes we do over analyze everything...and I'm especially a worrier. but this guy is really attractive and he's a gentlemen so I'm nervous of what he thinks of me because he has the whole package. and attractive guys tend to turn into jerks so I just get nervous. but I guess next time I'll text back a smiley and see what he does. thanks for your advice!

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