Can you check my summary from a dating web?

Tell me what works and what doesn't?

Truth is, I'm just a nice person (most of the time), but I can be stubborn and a little competitive, as well as a giving, passionate, and aspirational woman who's looking for a good person. I've been told I have a dry sense of humor so keep a bottle of H2O around. I'm not Tyra Banks although she is beautiful, but I am pretty if you don't think so stop reading and move on.

I'm an equal opportunity woman when it comes to many aspects in life especially romance.

I'm one of 11 children, yes we are also catholic-what of it? -it was the most unique upbringing, trying to get into the bathroom was a challenge in it of itself, actually there were a couple of more bumps, mountains and rocks growing up but that was what made it a colorful situation. Honestly. I love and appreciate my family even when they drive me crazy.

My parents were born in Haiti(considering that--they speak better English than people who were born here)- my upbringing consisted of them speaking to my siblings and I in Creole and we responding back in English, it just worked. It's common in my families culture to nickname EVERYONE so I have this really adorable family nickname that ONLY my family knows about, I remember that when my dad was registering me for kindergarten, as he was giving my first name Marie, I said dad that's not my name. I didn't know my real name was Marie until I was 5 years old. That and and having cooties is bad were the first things I learned in Kindergarten. My family are my anchor and the paradigm of who I am.

The main qualities I want to find my my dream OKCUPID guy are open-mindedness, honesty, intelligence, and being a gentleman. All I really ask for is that my potential romantic interest is leaving your heart open to the possibilities and a good balance of work and personal life with room for a plus one in his life.

FYI-sweet smile never hurts.

What I’m doing with my life

I am a media professional at a news station, as well as producing some independent film and television projects. Before I got a camera in my hand I was using school notebooks to doodle cartoons, my pencil was my camera, my storyteller.

Storytelling is my passion.


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  • Excellent. It's way above average on OKC. Couple of suggestions:

    If you are aiming at the international audience, not everyone outside the US may know who Tyra Banks is. Besides comparing yourself to a celebrity may lower your score in some people's eyes.

    The sentence "Im an equal opportunity woman ..."

    sounds a bit politically correct. If the use of political correctness is intentionally funny, some people may misunderstand it.

    Also, correct "Im" to "I'm" (just a suggestion).


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  • is a bit long and a heavy on detail. Might want to edit it. other than that its good. but somehow, I don't get a sense of who you are in the profile. its like you are telling an abreviated history with some anecdotes. put more of your personality in there!

    btw, looks better than mine used to be . . . happy girl looking for committed sweet honest affectionate guy that puts out often and doesn't mind being brutally murdered in cold blood if you betray me.

    jk. good luck!

  • Too long. Make it short, cut out bad jokes and only mention positive qualities and what is relevant as you waffle on. By giving less information they will want to know more about you.

  • I love it but it seems more like a biography and too long. Try to bring out the most important points you want to share about you in a summary which is one quarter of this text.