Was this a wise move and what will his reaction be?

So I was talking to this guy for 9 months. It was up and down - sometimes he randomly ignores me and claims that when he feels he is getting close to someone he backs off. This last time he ignored me for one month and wouldn't give me an explanation even after I tried contacting him. He began contacting me starting last week. He acted like nothing happened at first - said "we should get a room". I didn't respond. Then he said "what are you doing tonight?" a few days later. I didn't respond. Then he said a couple days later - "hey" I didn't respond. Then he said "hey what's up. still mad at me huh? just wanted to say sorry for all the bs. I understand if you don't want to speak to me. I was just really stressed and I kinda still am". I didn't respond until the next day I said "ok." then I said "you just like to play games." he said "we all do from time to time". I said "well, I'm not a game player. I always keep it real. So, you can try your games on someone else." --- Was this a smart move? and what would your reaction be if a girl sent this to you? Will he text me back after this?


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  • kudos! make sure to keep a guy like this out of your life! he is worthless.

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