The guys who are rotten to me?

the all they guys are rotten being mean all have girlfriends and kids

they rejected me have babies every single one of them

guys who don't deserve to be happy ending up having kids and girlfriends..none of them gave me time are now never give me time ever again since none of them liked me in the 1st place .

image all have babies . how is all guys I know in last 2 years exact guys I mean the exact ones who hate me have babies and got married why these 2 years and all of sudden

i guess these guys were never meant for me none of theses guys was meant for me.i don't think any I like was meant for me . every one is going places but me I am the one left behind it was not even my fault .i liked them all and all had zero interested in me story of my non existed life .

but why in the last 2 years not before and not after 2011 and 2012 .


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  • Well they dated you so you must have done something to them so they to want to have a family don't you thing that the fault is yours that they are not whit you but whit somebody else and they are happy better change yourself and your behavior they way I see it IT is your fault

    • sorry I can't follow what try wrote try again

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    • Never been and I don't want to I can keep on my own but still I don't blame any one it's my own fault it's gotten to this so I can't blame any one, evry one is nice to yeah that's good but I don't want kindnes I want to see the pitty in their eays that is when I am happy the most that is when I see that people see how my life is going nowere

    • so dear sister in bad luck and cruel fate don't worry the life has even more to offer then this I am sure of it if it's not love then there is money and whit money you can buy evrything but not love or happines this two well they have theire own way of geting it

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  • It is what it is, I'm sorry to hear that. So what do you what to have?

    • i don't know at my age .i am single have no of guy was nice to me then he was rotten to me next minute.he reject me we spoke no more that was 6 years ago .now he kid with his new gilfreind he bealy gave time of day after that .i hate meeting him I get upset he wanted nothing to with thing he said was true any woman in the world but he stuck to his word .i end alone its guys always find girlfriends girls always the one end up single ofrgood yet guys find some new all time how is th

  • That's life.

    • its not fair I am stuck in square they life is going some where mine is still stuck in same place .

      those rotten to me have it all now they have girlfreinds now new born baby as well I have nothing nothing at all

    • Life's not fair.

      You're only realising this now?

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