I would, but you never ask me.

Girls, what activities would you be willing to do with guys that's generally considered "guy things". For example, my girlfriend likes to go with me to play pool or watch basketball games live, she also likes to go the batting cage with me to attempt beating my batting score, yes, it's hilarious. Girls enlighten us, please.


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  • Go Kart racing, volleyball (sand or otherwise), LOVE softball & batting cages, playing catch, etc. Throwing a football back & forth but at a distance where we could still converse, fishing, kayaking, boating, camping, roasting marshmallows over an open fire...I love all of this stuff, so long as the weather is not suffocating hot and the bugs aren't eating people alive.


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  • You might as well try and ask with anything because we all have different preferences. With what the other girl mentioned, half the stuff I wouldn't want to do at all. You might get a better clue if you knew what sports a girl participated in at school and stuff like that ~ ones that have a general adventurous element to it is your best bet though.


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