I'm scared to call his mother's house and unsure when he's home?

This seems like a big deal to me. I want to call this guy's house, and he says I can. He is a really shy guy and works on a Friday and not sure when he drives home on Saturday. (He lives in a different place during the week and visits his mother on Saturday through Sunday.) I feel like hanging out with him, but his mother says if he can call me? And she said if he can call me? Again right away over that same home phone. I'm confused and I really like this guy and he is 16 years older than me. What should I do? He doesn't have a cell phone and I want to see him again and I shouldn't have to stalk him. What is a better way to find out the answer?

I'm also a shy girl and always had to do this to call guys' houses and am in the same situation with another guy.


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  • Oh boy. He has one of those Domineering moms, totally all up in his business and probably doesn't like the idea of you calling. You said he's 16 years older than you? He sounds to grown not to have a cell that you can call him on.

    I know you like him and everything, but you are dealing with a Mama's Boy. I'd be surprised if he can feed himself. Most guys at 16 won't let their moms interfere in their love lives.

    You're going to have a hard time trying to pursue anything with this guy.

    No phone

    Stays with his mom on the weekend and

    Allows mom to field his calls = Mama's boy who will always choose him mom over you.

    Let this go and save yourself the heartache. What I'm wondering is why you're trying to date a guy 16 years older than you.

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