GUYS: why would you not text a girl but when she texts you something you text her something you would text her

there's this guy friend of mine.the only time he texts me first is if he has an excuse, such as asking how my play went, asking if I had Facebook so I could check out a cover song he did on there...we've known each other forever, though we were never really friends til about 2 or 3 years ago he started being nice to me, from ditching his guys to catch up to me and see how I am, to teasing me..I'm pretty sure he really liked me until in January he became convinced I like someone in may I had my best friend give him (her older brother) a graduation card. since he'll often text when he has an excuse I half expected him to text me and say something about it..well he never did...we didn't talk for awhile (almost a month) cause I haven't had time to text being busy with finals and trips and such and him working and doing music and finally last night I texted him and even though it didn't have anything to do with what I said he said "thanks for the graduation card =)" . so my question is why did he not bring it up til now and just suddenly say that? he didn't say anything having to do with what I first texted him but just brought this up randomly when he could of just forgot it...why?


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  • He prob got busy like you and didn't have time to text you. When you texted him, the text reminded him of the card you sent him. Also guys don't start conversations just to say hi and "catch up" there is usually a point to our conversations, such as checking out the cover song he did.


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