Is this a "rebound" relationship?

Using someone to get over Ex? Is it possible for an ex to use someone inorder to get over ex?

Especially when ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend got in a fight over misunderstanding. The ex boyfriend still liked the ex girlfriend but ex girlfriend was a little rude to him by being sarcastic which I guess hurts him,thinking ex girlfriend hates him. Then later posts on Facebook about it,saying he doesn't love her. He ignores her. He brings her up in class to her bff,talking about what he did to her. Bff tells him ex girlfriend is over him which he says YES happily because I guess he brought her up about something..forgot. 2 weeks later,this girl says to the ex girlfriend that ex boyfriend has a crush on her because bff asked and he said yes.


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  • From my experience, yes, it is a rebound. Judging by the way he tries to indirectly get your attention by posting your Facebook, he probably tried to get your attention.

    Maybe it's possible to try to get over an ex with a rebound, helps fill in the loss, or maybe the ex is just trying to show you that he could move on, or even try to make you jealous.

    Rebounds usually end up with more heartache, especially to whoever the rebound is.


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