Guys: what are some reasons and why do you stop texting a girl ?

i've known this guy for a year and since then we've been texting everyday and the longest we've gone is probably a day or two, our conversations are very fun and sometimes get sexy, we don't hang out a lot since we travel and he lives far but we definetely bond a lot when we do. and we've talked about having a future together but since this summer has started he always used to text me first and now I'm texting him and he doesn't reply... it's been two weeks, I know he's been hanging out with other girls and partying and ditching me to hang out with them, I did develop feelings for him overtime but should I move on since we're just basically long distance friends? I need help on dealing with this :) thank you!


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  • I wouldn't get myself attached to him I would just move on. It's just going to hurt your feelings more in the long run knowing that he's hanging around with other girls.