Should I flip out at this girl?

Alright so I have been best friends with this girl untill school got out we saw everyday before school got out and we hung out almost everyday outside of school also, so I have been on summer break for about 4 weeks and its been hard because all I think about is her.

I have asked her to see if she wants to hang out at all last week or this week and she said yea and we were supposed to last Thursday and she ditched me to go swimming with her friends.

Today I asked her if she wanted to hang out and she said yea she didn't have anyting to do, then she called me this morning saying she was going swimming with her friends and wanted me to go so I said no and she said we would hang later today. So I waited all day and she hasn't even replied if she still wants to hang

so this happened to me 2 times and she's my "best friend" so I'm really wanting to flip out at her she's screwed me over tons of times even when I was the only person in her life and I like her a ton and I can't hang out with another girl without thinking of her.

So I just want to flip out and say mean stuff but I don't know if I would regret it so what do you guys think I should do. PLEASE EVERYONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS I don't KNOW WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!


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  • do not "flip out" no matter how mad you are, its never a good idea especially at a girl. it is immature, no matter how mad you are. instead get a way to meet up with her and confront her directly telling her that you feel she has been blowing you off, and that you value your friendship.. yadda yadda. that way you will know exactly what is going on. that may be just her personality. iff she is super observant, then she may know, or have a huch you like her, and is just apprehensive about being around you. talk it out, be patient, DONT get mad at her or you will make things worse

    • Thats true thanks for your comment. I have tried to meet up with her for lunch because the first time she blew me off I was about to be a complete douche and screw her over when she needed me.. and she ditched me during those times when I wanted to meet up and talk. And when I have been for her threw everything I asked her if she could hang out because something really big happened and it killed me and she still ditched me..? what do I do then?

    • hmmm.. she sounds pretty flaky : / I guess if you really can't get her in person you could call or text her, though face to face is best. I feel like you deserve someone who will actually spend some time with you though.. :)

    • Thanks that really means a lot :) I just feel like I would anoy her because she doesn't even realize what she does.. I went to prom with her and she danced on some guy half the night and she didn't think she did anything wrong.. but after I did everything for this girl I feel like I don't deserve someone like that..

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  • Flipping out on a girl is never a good thing to do. You are a man, you are supposed to keep your composure and stay calm at ALL times.

    • I have for this whole year she gives me so much sh*t I just can't take it anymore what should I say though?!

    • Welcome to the friend zone. She sees you as a friend and has probably noticed that you see it differently so she tries to avoid you to make it less awkward. Stop asking her to hang out until she asks you first.

    • Well during school she was always all over me she says she loves me and she still calls me babe. I don't show her that I like her at all I treat her like I treat every other girl and she still gets jealous when I talk to other girls.. but she's the type of person that won't hang out with someone untill they get asked to hang out.