What does it mean when a guy says he just wants to have fun?

Ive liked this guy for a while now and he showed interest in me but had a long distnace girlfriend. He recently text me and asked if I was still interested because he always has been into me and he is single now. He was with her for 3 years. We hung out and had a great time and he says he definitely wants to see me again. He says " we have something " and he really enjoys our talks and is very attracted to me. I asked him what he was looking for right now, and he said "honestly right now, just to have fun because I always have BUSY summers with golf and traveling. I don't want to put space between a relationship at the beginning of it, It only turns out bad that way, but I DO want to have fun and I think we can do that :) are you OK with that..for now..atleast?" OK does it sound like he would be interested in a relationship later after golf season? and he's a really nice guy so I know have "fun" doesn't mean anything sexual, he's 28, and I'm 26, and I just have a good feeling about him, I don't want to rush this either, but does he sound somewhat interested in possibly starting something with me if things go well? Also, the golf thing isn't an excuse, he really does play very well and takes it seriously, he may become pro someday, who knows! :)


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  • friends with benefits. more then likely

    • not likely, I said fun doesn't mean sex. not everything is about sex.

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    • lol! why is this so complicated, if he just wants to have fun and knows I want more then why continue to talk to me? He texts me every day, wants to see me and looks at me all the time, I don't get it?

    • maybe he's wait on you to push it to the next level

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  • it really seems he just want to have fun, nothing serious...he was pretty honest.. I'd not have hopes for an eventual future with him, sorry.

  • if he was serious about you or wanted something serious with you even in future, he'd NEVER say that! Not to the girl he really likes.

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