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I have been dating this guy for around 5 months but we are not official. I am getting to the point where I want to be official. We live in Georgia but he's a transplant from Indiana. Anyway, tonight he told me that we can't get serious because he has been wanting to move back home because he misses it and he found out about a great job opportunity and is being considered for it. I was really surprised and felt almost like I had wasted my time since he said he wanted to go back all this time. I told him that I needed time to process it and he said why was I upset and he thought I'd be happy for him. I don't know what to do, because he can't commit right now, and even if he doesn't get this job I'm not sure that he wouldn't be looking to get another. I really like him but I'm not sure what to do:(


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  • Sadly you cared more about your relationship than he did. If it's not official you can't really get too upset over it, although I'm sure it sucks. Forget about him and focus on something else. Work, friends, family.

    Don't have a string of one night stands because I don't live in Georgia.


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