Should I text him? What should I say?

I know this may sound stupid, but I think I need some advice as I don't want to look stupid in front of him. So, basically there's this guy. We never dated officially, but one day he "broke up" with me, as he said something that literally broke my heart. Anyhow, weeks passed and he suggested to stop talking for about 3 weeks. Even though, we talked 3-5 times a week, and all because he called me, and sometimes he asked me if I can see him.

So, after those 3 weeks, I had to go out of the coutry for some vacations for 2 weeks, so I suggested if we stop talking during that period, a real BREAK. He said that we "already did that" and that "not talking doesn't work for him". So.. I told him I'll text him during my vacations. So, I left the country like 5 days ago, and I haven't texted him. We have a time difference of 8h, and every time I have the chance to text him, he is either working or sleeping. I know him, I know that his is desperately waiting for my text, but I don't know what to say: "Hi. Sorry for not texting you" Not sure if I should apologize or just say hi. I know this question is stupid, sorry again.


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  • What? Who cares if you text him while he's sleeping or at work, he can respond at his leisure, just like you can. Getting a text from someone you like when you're not expecting it is pretty awesome.

    And that doesn't sound healthy that he can break up with you and go on these breaks but when you mention doing something similar he doesn't approve. But whatever, it's your life.

  • Don't apologize for not texting, or if you want give a reason, like "hey, how are u? couldn't get credit on my mobile for the last few days" but 5 days isn't that much so only saying hi and asking how he is going is pretty acceptable.


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