Does anyone else find witty banter tiresome?

Sometimes I wish I could just have a conversation with someone from the opposite gender without trying to work at saying something clever or responding to some witty comeback. *sigh* Does this make me boring? :)


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  • I don't think so, that's what friends are for. Stress free conversation where you don't have to be on your game.


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  • Over time with strangers, perhaps with some of them

    I might suggest what may be at the core of this wish is the wish to have a more comfortable relationship with an important guy, so conversations can be more normal, less impressive.

    re: friend request arrived ... why did you choose me?

    (Couldn't send this message any other way due to blocks.)

    • I liked your answer to one of my questions and others that I have seen. You seem to have a mature, intelligent point of view.

  • That is so true. But I think, in general, its the guys who are always out to prove something. No?


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