First date and first concert?

Ok, first of all even though this will be my first planned date I have had a couple of girl friends before, but it just happens that I never had to actually date them. It always happened that I randomly met them one day and by the end of the day we were bf-gf so I have never been a planned date were the girl I'm going out with is not already my girlfriend so this is my first ever planned date and we are gonna be going to a concert and actually this is also my first time ever at a concert and I don't really know what to expect either from her or the concert, I mean like what am I suppose to do at a concert to make it fun and not just stand there watching the concert, or is just that what you do at a concert? Can we actually talk at a concert or is it way too loud to have a conversation? and what about before or after the concert, what are somethings that we can do together, or should I wait until the concert to see her? I have never met this girl in person, we met on Facebook and started talking and she seemed like a really nice girl :) and she's beautiful so I asked her out (yeah I know asking girls out through Facebook is lame but that's the only way I could ask her xD) and she actually lives about an hour and a half drive away from me so I think I have to meet her before the concert because I don't really know the city and I could get lost or something xD ha ha so since this is gonna be the first time we are gonna be meeting what are somethings that I can do it memorable and special for her? :)


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  • What kind of a concert? What music is it?

    • It's Demi Lovato and Hot Chelle Rae, I don't know either of them xD but I was listening to them earlier and it seems like it could be fun

    • Oh.. I have no idea how to act/be in a pop concert :D I really thought I could help. Umm, I guess you just party on and show that you're a fun guy and just be cool and be yourself. Don't be one of those guys who just stands with a serious face in concerts, have fun!

    • haha.. belive me I'm not that kind of guy

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  • Just talk when you can and have her how fun you are dance and sing it's acutally pretty fun.

    • what if I don't know the sing? o.O haha

  • That's a tough one. You should meet a little in advance so that you feel more comfortable. You eat dinner beforehand. Perhaps you should call her on the phone and chat with her before you even go. FYI concerts aren't the best for first dates because there is not a lot of opportunity for you to talk.

    • I have this thing with phones and I really suck at phone calls I get really really boring and it's just annoying for me to have to talk through the phone, but yeah I could definitely text her or something... which I would actually rather not, I think it would create more anticipation and I think it would be funnier than be texting her and all of the sudden we met and things get awkward because we don't know what to say in person..

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