Texting: Why does he do this?

he'll text me saying 'hey' or 'what you doing' or 'are you okay'

& I'll text him back, within like 3-10 minutes usually

& he won't text back for like another 2-3 hours!

its so annoying, I've talked to him about it and he still does it.

and sometimes when I don't text back, he gets into a bitch fit and texts me again or phones me or just complains that I've taken long to reply.

has anyone done/experienced this?

is it just to see if I'm available? or does he forget to text back? or some other explanation?


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  • Yup faced this similar situation. I liked a girl before and she used to behave like what you mentioned .she took hours to reply.i really hate that when people behave like this . She wanted to check my persistence whether I lose my temper for her or not. You know some people are attention seekers,and people want things which they don't have ...

    if you know what I'm trying to say


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