What is your honest opinion on me?

I'm 22 and have never had a girlfriend. I would describe myself as a very respectable person though. A lot of people seem to have a certain "respect" for me. I act somewhat older than what I am. Partying is not my main hobby in life like most young adults. I enjoy the social aspect of it, but I really prefer higher-end locales, and want to live that kind of lifestyle.

Most of my peers would probably tell you that I'm not cool or hip enough for them and would probably say that I share more similarities with their parents than what I do with them. Seldom do I ever get a text message to hang out or party with friends, but I do have a small group of friends that I will go out with often, but they're kind of like me where they're somewhat excluded from the crowd that is our social, more outgoing collection of peers. But at the same time, I get along well with just about every guy out there, but strangely girls either seem completely disinterested in me, or are shying away, and it's impossible to tell which one it is.

I'll be the first to tell you that I'm not the hottest guy in the world, but I get that I'm "handsome" fairly often so I must not be too bad. Realistically I'm somewhere between average and hot. What do you think I could do to gain more social status among my age-group? Girls would probably be more likely to talk to me and want to go out with me to be truthful.


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  • I'm younger than you so I don't really know how you could gain social status but perhaps you could just try to show a bit more of your fun side.

    Also don't worry because I hate the type of guys who think really highly of themselves and are 'popular', I prefer the type of guy that you are so there's bound to be more women like this :) You seem really nice and like a really decent guy so don't feel 'bad' or anything about the things you listed. You sound like the type of guy that would really care about the people that they are close to and many women cherish that so maybe if you approached some women that aren't too stuck up and let them get to know you and show them how awesome you really are they would become more interested in you?

    Sorry it's not that good but I hope I helped x


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