I don't know which guy to choose?

Okay so, I really need help on this one; I really like 2 guys and I really don't know which one I should go for.

Guy#1; he's the first guy I liked between both of them. He's really nice and funny. The thing is I went to a party and we did some stuff together and I thought after that that we would be 'friends with benefits' or something like that and he was okay with it. but then he started asking me if I had more feelings for him after what we did, and we began to have a sort of thing together and we were texting a lot but we don't see each other a lot at school. A few days ago I had a party at my house and we did more stuff and he was so cute! but I'm not sure if he really likes me cause a lot of people tell me he's a player and only uses me. but he's kinda close with my friend and he told her he actually has feelings for me! and I even asked one of he's best friends and he told me he thought he like me a lot! An other of my friend told me that apparently guy #1 told a bunch of people what we did together and that he doesn't actually like me but when I asked him about it he told me he would never say that and that he actually has feelings for me but want to know me better! and he told me that he lost someone a few years back and that it messed up his feelings a lot and that he doesn't want to be hurt any more. I told him that I won't hurt him and that if really wants me I would be there for him. and he told me that he knows he could like me a lot and that he would want to like me for a long time. but idk, when I see him, it doesn't seem like he actually likes me :/

Guy#2: I liked him for almost all year, and he never did anything before and now that I have a thing with guy #1 he started to text me a lot and he's interested in me a lot! He's so sweet and funny and a really good guy! he never really had a girlfriend before so he's really shy and doesn't have a lot of experience. I talk to him way more than guy #1 cause we have all our classes together. At my party, he started cuddling with me and holding my hands and it was so cute! we ended up kissing and making out for a bit! My friend took a picture and it was actually so cute! Everybody tells me to go for him because he's not a player and he's a good guy and everything but the thing is that, I have that feeling inside when I see guy #1 that I don't have for guy #2!

so basically, I hook up with both of them at the party (I really feel bad about it but I'm so confuse!). I hook up with guy#2 first, and guy#1 saw us and he seemed upset and he left every time we were somewhere together. and my friend told me that guy#1 and a girl had an argument about me. but when guy #2 left, guy #1 came and was spending a lot of time with me and we ended up doing stuff... I don't understand why he didn't give up after seeing me and guy#2 together..

Guy#2 heard about what I did with guy#1 and talked to me about it and he was a bit upset but he understood that I have feelings


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  • You sound pretty young, so I'm going to try to put this delicately. Listen carefully/

    Guy#1...Is A DOUCHE! Do not pursue any further. Steer clear. Danger, danger, danger! You have to see that! All your friends are warning you! Why aren't you listening? Just from what you've written about him, it's clear as day!

    If you choose Guy 1, You will be on path to a dating career that will inevitably lead to lots of bad boys and tears.

    Guy one is bad news. X him off the list. Now your choice is clear.

    • so you think I should definitely chose guy#2 ?

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    • your friends are probably to young to help you out at this stage. They're going through they're own drama. I'm a little wiser, and went through crap I wish someone like me could have kept helped me avoid. I hope I did help. If ever you need anymore advice, go ahead and message me. I'm all about keeping you from making the stupid mistakes I made.

      Glad I could help!

    • thank you, you helped me a lot! & I will if I need any help! thank you again!

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  • #2 because it sounds like you are trying to reconcile the risk of going for guy one with yourself. one gives you more of a thrill because he is desirable to other women and you like the idea that he chose you. Since he has a player reputation there is always that risk that isn't going to change so while it might give you a thrill "taming the wild one" you really haven't tamed anything. Guy 2 hasn't gotten as much face time with you so maybe attraction for him will grow. You should probably pursue 2.

    • yea, that actually makes sense.. thanks!

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  • Run for the hills and don't choose any of them.