I'm confused, what do I do?

i met this guy yeah we hit it off he stayed over my place for 3 nights in a row since he wanted to be close with me and cuddle. I decided to have sex which was the 4th day because I wanted to see if there's a connection so I don't waste my time horrible idea he was the best I ever had, he told me he really really really liked me being so cold and distant I don't know what to do I text him he text me back I called him he didn't answer what should I say is everything OK? in the beginning before we had sex he was all lovey dovey saying he missed me can't wait to be in his arms.


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  • Chica, are you sitting down? I'm going to have to break this to you gently. He 's not calling because he got all he wanted from you. I know. It's a little hard to hear, but when a guy is really into you, he doesn't mess around by not calling and not answering texts.

    You've entered the Booty Call Zone, although you are not officially on the list, until he calls you and you respond. There's nothing to do, but to let it go.

    Do yourself a favor, get yourself your favorite one serving carton of ice cream, put on your favorite movie of all time, get under your sheets, cry your eyes out, and tomorrow, emerge as butterfly. He is absolutely, positively not the one, so feel free to move on.

    • why did he say he liked me and told me I can text or call him anytime? :(

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    • like 6 hours :(

    • Oh! Then give him some space. It's only be a couple of hours. Now you look like a bug-a-boo. Give it some time. If he doesn't call or text in three days, then you start freaking out.

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  • Dont stress most likely in the begging he did not want you to runoff with some other dude and when you had sex it made him less cautious cause if you had sex then yall are hopefully a steady item(im in high school so if you are older I don't know if this is right) hoped everything worked out:)

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