Is this bullshit?

Okay so I have a new girlfriend that I've been dating half a month. I like her alot. She's smart, really cute, beautiful eyes, awesome personality, and most importantly emotionally stable.

Which is important because my last girl was an emotional bomb with the remote operated by a monkey. I remember she threw hotdogs at me once cause I said I didn't like my buns microwaved. (they get all gummy like)

Well my girlfriend and I go on a date on valentines and her ex is texting her, interrupting alot. Well I find out later that the next day he tells her he still has feelings for her. And not only that but that he wants to marry her and get her name tattooed on him and everything. I figured she'd say "what the hell!" and say he's too late, and she acted like she was going to. Well now she says she's unsure who to choose to be with!

Now before anyone answers her ex started dating her because she reminded him of his ex. He began to start making her into his ex, and eventually left her for his ex.

So now it's kinda ironic that the same thing's happening again, only the roles are switched and a sweet innocent guy like me huh has done nothing wrong is probably going to get screwed. And not in a good way.

So what is your opinion on the matter?

sorry for my typos :D

"sweet innocent guy like me who has done..."
Hey well guess what, she decided to go back to him. Well guess who broke her heart...

Yep and guess who is begging me to take her back? Yep


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  • She basically tested you to see your reaction. She was hoping you'd be the bold, confident guy to sweep her off her feet and tell her that you don't give a flip about her EX, you're with her now.

    She doesn't want to be going out with a sweet innocent guy, she wants a leader. Lead the both of you somewhere better. I disagree with anonymous user, space is not good right now. "Sweet innocent guys" get rejected by girls all the time and told things like "I only think of you as a brother," regardless of how sweet they are to girls.

    • Well the problem is that's exactly what I did~_~

      I told her she's the kind of girl a guy could fall for, and said that he's missed his chance and that he's only causing problems. I told her to tell him he could of picked a better time and that he's too late. She said she said that, but the guy's being damn persistent.

      "I was wrong! I will get it right this time! I want to marry you! When we get together I'll tattoo your name all over me!!!!" ugh how can she believe this crap...

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  • You said your ex was "an emotional bomb with the remote operated by a monkey"

    Welllll...the new girl doesn't sound "emotionally stable", either. It sounds like she's a bit hung up on her ex (who was hung up on his ex?) and you're the sweet, innocent rebound guy. I would suggest leaving her because she probably has a lot of emotional issues relating to her ex. Maybe stay in contact, since it sounds like you really care about her. If she decides to say no to her ex, then she can have a bit of time to work on herself...and once she's all better, the two of you might be able to start over, this time with no baggage.



  • Just give her some space and let her think on what she wants to do.

    Im sure that she will come to her senses and realise that she should be with you and not go back to him.

    It sounds like he is a bit of a player or insecure and saying these things just to get her back because he has not got anyone else. I think she would be stupid to go back to him.

    Just let her know that you care about her and really like her then leave it to her to get back to you. I know it is hard but it is probably the best thing to do.


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  • You were competing with a fantasy of getting back with an ex who also blitzed her with one of the most valuable things a guy can offer--commitment.

    Logic alone will not win and is not how people fall in love. If anything, more logic has a potential to prevent love. The way to compete would have been to make her feel (emphasis feel) more strongly about you so that she didn't replace her reality with that ex-reunion fantasy. You could have done it by increasing your value in her eyes (sweep her off her feet, quickly, boldly, and directly) or decreasing his value without insulting him (so that the fantasy would be less appealing).

    I sympathize for what happened to you.

  • Maybe it is you and not all the girls that are unstable. You seem to have issues with girls period. I think you need to look in the mirror and think to yourself "Am I partly to blame". Don't get mad at me man. Just saying. In all relationships we are all partly to blame. It is not just one side all the time. From the look of your photos you look like you been on some kind of drug abuse or to much alcohol. Maybe you should take some time out of dating and trying to find the girl for you and spend the time on yourself, because dude you look like you need some serious physical and emotional help. Not because of the girls, but because of you being yourself. I was in your place once and it ended up I was to blame because of the way I was. I met my wife six years ago and I think the world of her, and I never went down the same pity party again. Let's not act like pathetic men and act like men that have respect for ourselves and others, and dude get of that wacky train you are on because it is not doing you any good. Seek some help for yourself.

    Good luck. :)

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