You wouldn't text back because....?

If a guy had been talking to you all day/every day for three weeks, why would he all of a sudden stop texting/responding?

  • Doesn't like you
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  • He's a player and got bored
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  • Phone problems
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  • He's been busy for days
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  • Other (explain)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Girls almost always react to a decrease in communication as if it was a break up, or sign of an impending break up. They always leap to the worst possible interpretation.

    Truth is, with guys, any reason would do to slow down communication. The odds of it being that he's tired of you, are small. He might be tired of texting, too busy with other things, have phone problems, whatever.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Did you ever see the movie Road Trip? Well in it, the main character thinks his girlfriend in a long distance relationship, with whom he talked every day, has forgotten him because she hasn't been answering his phone calls. As it turns out, her grandfather just died and she just wanted to be alone.

    Sometimes, sh*t just happens.

  • Cause I don't have a phone :P

    But the only reason I wouldn't text back via an IM on the computer is because I'm busy. He's probably busy.

  • Could be any of the 5. I chose other based on personal experience. He could want you to text first.

    But if you've been texting him and he hasn't been responding, he has probably lost interest.


What Girls Said 1

  • Stop trying to guess and just ask him if this is a situation that's happening to you, why p**** foot around the issue when you could just be upfront and put your mind at ease? It also depends on how long he hasn't spoken to you for, has it been hours..days ect.

    • ya I already sent him a long text asking what's going on and no response

    • leave it then, sounds like he's just messed around, not worth your time!

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