How do I date seriously, without screwing up!!

Am 20 never had a relationship at least for more than a week, Because either I don't like the guy or maybe I can't meet his demands...i want to grow up and keep the next good man but I don't know how to do it, I always screw things up. I think I have some insecurity issue...give me some advice please


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  • Growing up isn't being in a relationship, it's knowing what you want in a relationship.

    First things first, find out your limits. What would you be comfortable with, sexually, emotionally, physically. You're always insecure when you don't have experience in it, just don't let that hold you back.

    As for finding a relationship, you sound like you've been on dates, so just keep dating and stick to what you're comfortable with.

    • Thank you, I have been on dates and I always stick to what I want, sometimes the guys can't have it so we end up breaking it...i will keep on dating and hope I will get a compatible man.

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