Who the HELL should I be angry at?

My sisters best friend almost stole my current bf/bff, now we were all great friends with her untill this whole thing blew up when he started to really fall for her and vise versa, his heart would race any time she was around (as you can imagine was incredibly painful to see). And she would want him back as much as he wanted her.

Now, there was one drunken night where my sister told her to go for it but she was too shy so she told him (my bf) to go for her, so after a few more drinks were tossed back he finally did, grabbing her, kissing her, now I don't drink so I remember all of this vividly but I just went and cried myself to sleep, wanted everyone to be sober when I talked to them.

a month later and me and him are all OK now, I'm still on speaking terms with the other girl, but my boyfriend and her don't talk anymore but I can't help but hate her it's all of our fault but I feel like I'm angry at the wrong person entirely.

Now I knew how he felt about her but I still trusted him

He was grabbing her and vise versa

my sister encouraged them both.

  • Your Bf
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  • The other girl
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  • Your sister
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  • Myself
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  • All of the above
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Your anger should be directed towards your boyfriend because he kissed her

    You should be mad on your sister for encouraging your boyfriend to go and do it

    And you should be angry at the girl he kissed with for kissing with a guy where she knew that he was unavailable

    But not at yourself, unless you want to punish yourself for not being able to stop it back then


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What Guys Said 4

  • He and her both are completely responsible for it. He had a girlfriend and she knew he had a girlfriend. Drunk or not, there's no excuse. And you have good reason to be pissed at your sister too. I'd tell her to get a grip. Telling her friend to steal your boyfriend? That's probably even worse than what the other girl did, actually, because she wasn't blinded by her feelings. That just sounds spiteful towards you, actually. Like she puts her friend's desires over yours.

    Sorry. It just sound like a bunch of sh*tty people playing sh*tty games off each other. I'd give them all sh*t for that.

  • None.

    You two should split up and they should be together.

    Seriously , his heart races any time she's around? why are you still together?

    • sorry, but I think kheserthorpe is right.

    • I'll revise slightly.

      You can be a little mad at him. He should have broken up with you first and gone for this girl who he clearly wants and wants him.

  • Your Boyfriend, Your Sister, and the girl. They're all wrong.

    I chose E, but not you necessarily. The only thing wrong with you is staying with that ass. He doesn't deserve you. Even if he was drunk, that's no excuse. Leave him. Find someone who deserves you .

  • everyone because you are letting other people think for you (they were all wrong in this)


What Girls Said 6

  • I clicked all of the above, but I mean everyone but you.

    Firstly, oh my god... my thoughts are with you, you poor poor thing.

    Your boyfriend should not have done what he did. If he truly loved you, he would have either stopped straight away, told you his feelings, or never have had those feelings in the first place. If he did have feelings and was honest about them, it would mean he was sorry and regretted it and could deserve forgiving.

    Your sister should NOT have egged them on! She should love you before her friends, and your relationship, likewise your boyfriends, has nothing to do with her whatsoever. She shouldn't have pushed him to do something.

    Your sisters friend should have more respect for her elders and chase after someone her own age.

    But this is not your fault! If you had blown up, you'd have been in the right but things would have gotten worse. By keeping quiet you were hoping people would see the light and other peoples failure is not your fault. You didn't ask anyone to kiss anyone, or fall for someone else. Never blame yourself for this.

    I hope so much you're OK - I would find this horrible to deal with, and I can't tell you what the right answer is. You probably love your boyfriend very much and that makes it hard, but he proved in my eyes that he doesn't love you the same way. I would never kiss someone else with my boyfriend present and if I did do something like that, I would be in tears pleading forgiveness. You deserve to be treated like a princess :) Good luck hun x

    • Thank you, even reading this made me tear up a bit but still I found lots of comfort, logic and sence in your answer.

    • You're welcome. If you ever want to talk about things you can add me and I'll try my best to help. You seem like such a sweet girl who didn't deserve this.

  • They're all to blame. Your guy for acting on his feelings for this girl while in a relationship, this girl for backstabbing you and letting it happen, and your sister for encouraging the situation. Drunk or not, alcohol is not an excuse.

    • THANK YOU! "I was drunk and didn't know what I was doing" isn't good enough nor is it an apology.

  • The guy is to blame most of all. If he was really in love with you, no amount of encouragement or flirting from another girl would get him away from you.

    Your sister and her friend both suck too.

    • LMAO! Loving our last line, they just suck, that's what they do.

  • Primarily towards your sister, but your boyfriend isn't out of the picture as well...

    i'm sorry this happened :(

    • Thank you I love this answer you didn't place personal judgment on what little you know about the people in the story.

  • That's horrible! I'd be angry at everyone...most of all your sis and your boyfriend because they re the ones you love and are closest too you...they should not have done that to you.

  • ...an you didn't break up with him? he sounds like a scum bag

    • Oh he's not, we've been together for 5 years best friends for 8 and this is the only time this has happened.

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