Had a great first date but hasn't texted?


I've been talking to this guy (we met online on a dating site that we both barely use). We text every day and we would talk on the phone from 1a.m. to 6a.m sometimes, there was never a dull moment. Well I was driving one night, just to get out and he happened to call me and when I told him I was headed to the city. He asked me to finally meet him and offered to ride with me (I was driving because I was bored that night anyway) so I meet him and we had a great time, there was never a dull moment. When we finally got back to his car, (I never kiss on the first date) and he knew this, but he hinted around to wanting to kiss me. I made an exception, we kissed for almost an hour and 1/2. We did feel each other up a little bit, but never skin on skin contact. We stopped kissing when things were getting heavy because we didn't want anything to happen, but he would like pull away and say "ok, I'm sorry" because we were both nervous, but he opened the door to leave but he started kissing me again...well I've never seen someone so put together stumble out of my car and act like a shy school boy because of kissing, but before he left he hugged me and kissed my lips and then my forehead...

I text him saying I made it home because he asked me to, but I know he was probably asleep, and then I text him the next day saying I had a great time and thanked him for riding to the city with me...he hasn't text me or anything ...its been only a day, but its strange not hearing from him because we talk all the time and the kisses were all initiated by him...


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  • That is strange.

    Although you are concerned, do not text him anymore (so you don't come to come across as needy).

    Wait for him to text you back.

    When he does proceed like everything is normal (again, you don't want to give the wrong impression). I'm sure he has reasons for doing this.

    • So you do think this is a situation where he will text me back?

    • Yes, I think he will. If your connection with him is has strong as you say it is then I'd expect to hear from him.

  • He probably doens't wanna seem clingy or come on too strong.

    • But I'm not sure what to do, we talked all the time.