Weird texting friendship. Why am I driving myself nuts?

A few months ago, I made friends with a guy who lives in a different continent. We didn't have sex or kiss but then he insisted to become fb friends. I accepted his request and after a few days our talking escalated to flirting and have been chatting on fb for days... a total of 2000 messages. Obviously, I have developed some stupid attachment to him and it's killing me that he hasn't answered my text for days. I haven't send him a message on account of I'm not his girlfriend and I don't want to seem needy. I'm afraid I said something to turn him off I don't know or that maybe he's testing to see how much I'm willing to make an ass of myself and text him. I never thought I would like someone so much more by only texting him.


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  • guys don't usually test..we get lazy though


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