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I've been dating this guy 6 months now, he use to live where I lived and he moved. A week before he left we started dating so I know he's safe and everything. Here in 5 weeks my mom is going on vacation for a week out of the country. I need some ideas for us to do while he's here (:. by the way He use to live where I "lived" I have moved since and now he's coming to the town I live in. I plan on taking him to a few places to eat he's never been and we are plan on going to an amusement park and too meet my dad because he wants to and some of my friends, but I need more ideas please thank youu (:


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  • You have some good ideas in taking him to new food spots and an amusement park. Is there a baseball team nearby? Because that's always fun even if you aren't sports fans. You could also show him the local bar scene at night. It just depends what your interests are.

    If he wants to meet your dad must really like dating you and wants to make it more serious.

    • you could say that and my dads really awesome (: lol. yeah we have a local professional but not college baseball team and I'm not much of a partier or bar person

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