I'm still a girl that needs reassurance...

I have been talking to this guy for over a month now and he makes sure to text or call me everyday so we can talk. He goes to a university the next state over so I've been down there once and he came up here once, so other than that its all via phone or Skype. We totally click, when I'm with him I just feel it. He shows me off to all his friends and is just constantly being so sweet to me. So this last time he was here we were supposed to spend the last day together but a series of unfortunate events happened and we didn't. He still texted me and talked but then I didn't text him back once over something stupid Because I was busy and he just ignored me for 2 days. So I confronted him today saying one of the first things you told me was not to be scared to be with you to man up and I listened. so I wanna know where your heads at? His response was my heads in the air now, I'm diggin you babe but I don't want you to get ahead of us because I know its gonna be a long process. I said some I understand and agree stuff and ended it with but you need to understand when you set the tone of texting me everyday and dont, how do you think that makes me feel? I know I'm being a girl right now but I just need that reassurance. and he STILL a couple hrs later has said nothing. Do you think I'm being crazy? What do you think is going on? I hate having emotions :(


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  • He doesn't want to make a solid commitment and he doesn't have the strength to say it to you directly. He probably reckoned everything was relaxed but now after everything he sees you are serious about him and now he doesn't know how to go about telling you that he's not looking for something serious.