Why don't some guys want relationships?

What are some possible reasons why a guy would be aloof, hang out with you for a while then disappear for a couple weeks, talk to you for a long time in person one day and then not return your texts. he has made it clear that he's not into relationships right now. what would be some reasons for a guy to feel this way?


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  • It's like asking why do girls want them?

    Girls get more out of them, basically.

    And the stuff that girls get out of them, guys don't. Or don't want that stuff.

    So in a nutshell, there's nothing in it for us.

    Like, when a girl says "But don't you want someone there for you, all the time, no matter what?" as if it's the most obvious thing in the world, the guy answers "No!" because for him what really matters is time to be alone with himself.

    Girls are not guys. We want and need different things.


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  • Because some of us don't see the point of wasting time on someone who'll just f*** us over.


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  • Whatever the reason, do NOT chase after a guy you really like if he makes it clear he's not open to a relationship. It will not end well, and you'll probably walk away blaming yourself thinking something is wrong with you or making him out to be this bad guy that he really isnt. Just keep him as a friend or distance yourself from him if it becomes too much for you to handle and you can't stop thinking about him. just leave him alone, its not going to happen for you two, at least not right now. I know from experience, trust me. learn from the mistakes of others and avoid putting yourself through unnecessary heartache. It may feel bad enough that you want him, but actually trying and being constantly rejected by him is going to feel 5000 times worse.

  • Guys want to spread their seed. Girls look for a partner to protect their offspring. It's biology.

    • Guys also have an interest in protecting their 'best' offspring (i.e. those with their best partner, who they are pretty confident is only having sex with them).

      Our culture today says guys can _either_ spread their seed OR be with one partner. Guys who are getting laid a lot, they may opt for that over a relationship even if they like some aspects of them.