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So my question is.. Why is it almost every time a guy friend ask me about going someone where. And I tell them lets go see my boyfriend, and they come up with so many lies. I even ask them about giving them gas money like 40 bucks I mean you can't go wrong with that. Then later they say Oh I can't do it, then they ask me so what are you doing wanna go some where? And I'm like if you can't drive me to see my boyfriend then why the hell are you going come and pick me up. He's only 2 hours away that not that far and 40 buck really wow I mean I don't have a car and I can't see him like I want so that why I ask. I mean I'm starting to think that they just want me all to there self and don't care for my boyfriend and about taking me to see him they would but they don't. I mean I get the idea that there a guy and No guy wants to go drive a hot,sexy girl like me lol to see her boyfriend or another guy. But at the same time, ugh Just need to take the Bus then but if anyway know please thanks. :)


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  • No offence here, but do you not have a clue about how that's make a guy feel? If a guy is interested in you or is just a friend but wants to hang out, why would they want to see your boyfriend? I mean you and your boyfriend I get you wanna see him, but it sounds like you're basically just asking them to take you there, sit awkwardly there for however many hours you do something with your boyfriend then get a ride home. No matter how good friends me and a girl were or how interested I was in her, I wouldn't take her. When they ask you what you want to do they mean hang out somewhere or catch a movie, or bowling or something like that. They'll want to get to know you, not your boyfriend.

    Sorry if it sounds offensive but that's just how it is.

    • No it's not offensive to me I get what you mean. And I know that they are interested in me, and want to hang with me,I know that much. But I look at it like dude it's not really about me and my boyfriend.but if they ask me where I wanna go and either one of us not no then shoot that what ima say, to see my boyfriend. But they should not agree to do it one min then the next say No. And most of the times if I'm with my boyfriend .. around a girl or guy I don't do anything crazy with my boyfriend. other then tal

    • I see what you mean, but sometimes guys want the girl to choose something just between the two of you. He will agree at first because it would be rude just to say no or for a guy to excuse himself on that day even though just before that he was free.

  • Well most likely the guys are interested in you and if you go to your boyfriend he is going to see you two making out or whatever so he is just saving his own ass from a really uncomfortable position.

    • Yeah But I'm like they should not lie to me about going to see him. I mean they ask me where I wanna go and that where I want to say, and they say sure and I'll even ask them I'll give you gas money. And then later comes they say Oh I can't do it I even say I'll find a girl for them but they say Oh maybe some other time. So I'm like WTF! Really... smh

    • And plus that bull sh*t! because me and my boyfriend don't really kiss when it is just him and I. I mean maybe hug or hold each other hands and forget about who else is around us, But I'm not a fan with kissing., and as far as sex goes in front of are friends or mys hell no that crazy I don't want know body watching. But if it is just him and I and another guy he knows or me then I try to include them as well like talking to them and just trying to have fun. But as far as if that person thinks there g

    • Going to have me to there self then they crazy.. hahaha

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