Why can he not leave it? Advice please.

Me and my ex was together for a year, wasn't the best relationship wasn't the worst, we split up in December last year on bad terms but just went our separate ways. He is part of this forum (not this one) and I noticed someone had wrote a question about near where I live and he decided to put oh my ex lives there near so and so! I commented on it and nicely just put don't tell people where I live! He wrote about me a second time this time saying how he had said my name twice in his sleep and his girlfriend wasn't happy.. It kicked of between me and him and I left it and just said we split up ages ago there is no need leave it!. I went on today just to check and someone had posted a question about dating slightly nutty people which my ex decided to answer the question about me writing not nice things yet his second post was how happy he was with his girlfriend and they are hoping to buy a house end of year. He is obviously doing it now because he knows I will read it but I don't understand why:/ we split months ago!. don't get me wrong I am not bothered about him I just don't get why he keeps writing about me, or bitching, surely if he hates me that much he would just not bother writing anything?


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  • He is still hung up on you, there are some unfinished feelings.

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