How do I tell him I want to see him without coming off desperate?

I really like this guy. We work in the same place but our shifts are total opposite so I only see him for a few minute maybe once a week. He's very busy with golf, traveling for tournaments and practicing. We hung out once and it was really nice, he said he definitely wants to again, but its been 2 weeks and we Haven't seen each other again yet. He texts me every day so I know its not an excuse and he is interested. How do I tell him I want to see him!? Or do I just wait until he asks me?


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  • -Bring up a new park/dessert place/activity that you found out about, and tell him that you want to try it

    -Tell him that he "works too hard" and ask how he spends his downtime. Suggest you join him one time.

  • you could start by telling him that you want to go watch him play golf then ask him to go somewhere after he is done

    • i do tell him, I asked him to teach me an he said he would. Thing is he will golf in the morning and then work from 7pm-3am ,and I work from 3am-11am. I just want to go to lunch with him, that's it! lol

    • eh, well this is complicated :D, you could try to change your shift xd

    • I could easily do that, but then ill feel like he thinks I did it because of him :/ even though I have other pretty valid reasons...idk...i guess I could, but I don't want to look like a stalker ya know.

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