Men and Women.. define a date to you!!

what are you're qualifications that makes a date, a date? For ex. if a guy asks a girl he's known for several weeks now, out to lunch with just the two of them... is this a date? be as specific with details as you can.. thanks :D


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  • There are some situations where the line could be blurred. I've been out with a female friend to dinner and a movie, but it wasn't a true date in my eyes. I'd like to say that maybe some physical contact like hand holding would throw something into the date category. But I don't think it's that clear cut because I've been on first dates where there's little to no physical contact. Also, if you think it's a date, but the other person doesn't, what is it then? I think in order to define something as a date, both people would have to agree that it was. If bringing up such a topic to the other person while out with them is awkward or uncomfortable, it probably isn't really a date, it's more like two friends hanging out. I think that definition works in all situations, even unusual circumstances. If two people agree that going for a drive around town was a date, then it was a date. It's more about the mindset of the two people involved. If two friends went to a dinner and then a movie, but they had already discussed that they were going to be just friends, then that couldn't be a real date because one or both didn't have the proper mindset.

    • right the 2 peeps do have to be on the same mind set about it being a date or not or it would get very confusing haha

  • It's not a date if there isn't any intimacy.

    Intimacy being both parties putting their fears aside and sharing in a common experience that brings them closer together in an emotional and/or physical capacity.


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