This guy I've been on and off with, saw me today and said text me...

we bumped into each other when I was walking with some friends for coffee, and he was on the other side of the street about to catch a bus to see his sister..he said hey text me I'm seeing my sister. and I didn't text him because we Haven't been good lately like I Haven't seen him in a while so like I don't know? I thought he would of texted me..but he didn't..what are your thoughts?


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  • Be nice. Assume the best.

    You should have texted him as he asked.

    You expect him to text you after he asked you to text him?

    • ahhh your right, I don't know I fee if a girl is important enough and he was interested in her.. he should of texted her or been like I couldn't wait for you to text me, something cute you know? ahh I feel kinda bad now that I didn't text him but were so on and off that I just wasn't sure what to do...were not even fb friends:o

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