Encounters with this guy? Just looking for some confirmation...

So me and this guy have been talking for about 3 weeks. They have been really friendly encounters until the last 3 days. He's been acting kind of nervous and extra attentive. Last night we were hanging out, just us two listening to each others play lists and the 1st song he plays from his was "Cause I love You", and proceeds to tell me that he plays this everyday and kisses me. And all I can say is OMG! No other words can describe this kiss.

He left soon after and when he got home he told me he didn't want to leave because he enjoyed the feeling from our kisses. And in my mind I was saying you should have said something. But anyways... Has any one had an experience like this and where did it lead in terms of a relationship?

We're still hanging and there more and more love songs and the one that he seems to be stuck on now is "If I lose you baby" by Bruno Mars... and he make my heart melt! But I'm confused - I never had a guy like this.


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  • I honestly think he was being real and could lead to somethign more.


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