A texting related question...anyone?

So feel free to look at my old questions to get the whole story if you wish but basically, I am in love with the man next door (crazy I know but its not like I asked for it)... and he is quite a bit older than me. I am 30. Anyway, about a month ago, I asked him if he would help me work with one of our dogs who hates men and he said sure and so I gave him my business card... (yep also lame I know) and told him to text me when he was ready. He never did and instead about 2 weeks ago, asked in person to work with her. My question is... should I let this bother me? Should I ask more directly or outright for his number or tell him to text me? Do you think its a bad thing he never did or its simply because we live so close he prefers in person encounters? I might of done it too soon as well, it was only a month into knowing him. I just feel like texting is even something "just friends" do so I get hung up it. I know he hates technology and he has a phone to make calls and text, he has told me several times he texts people. However, he also says he only texts 3 people, one of whom is his brother in another state. I wasn't trying to be lame or dorky about it, to me, in my mind, it was related to my dog business so, I gave him my card like I would anyone else. Is it pushing it if I try again?


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  • So you like him, but he had been indifferent? I gotta suspect he'd be flattered, even if he didn't want to pursue it.

    I think he has no idea... and it wouldn't hurt you to be more direct.

  • Your kids name is Dodger?


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