How long should I wait?


Met one of my instructors last night and we had some drinks together then he took me back to his place for some tea - which turned into making out! I slept over but we only kissed and touched a little.

In the morning he had somewhere to be at 10am but he said I was welcome to stay in bed! As we said goodbye he said "I hope there is no hard feelings" - which I think is in regards to him having to leave!

Should I text him today or wait til tomorrow?

would love to hear what some guys think!


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  • Don't text him, by hard feelings he means this ain't going anywhere.

    • are you sure he didn't mean by leaving in such a rush?

    • I'm pretty sure he would have said if it was about leaving. He probably means because you two have a non personal relationship.

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  • Maybe you could text him and ask how his day went. Show him that you care and show interest in him.

  • I would wait for him to text ... you.

    Let him work a bit.